Film Group

The Boomers & Beyond Film Group meets once every two months, usually at 5pm on Sunday evenings (4pm during winter).

Chosen by the Film Group Sub-Committee, we view films that generally have a Jewish theme and are introduced by knowledgeable congregant members.

A light supper and discussion session follows each film. 

For more information, email Boomers & Beyond.

our next Event - 'Music Box'

Sunday 26 August 2018 - 4.00pm

Valerie Jaye Hall

We invite you to join us for our popular Boomers Film evening. Come along, bring your friends and stay for afternoon tea and a schmooze!  

About the Film
Set in post-war Hungary, 'Music Box' is about a gifted attorney who must defend her father against charges of war crimes brought against him. It is a moving story where nail-biting suspense is interwoven with the drama of provocative real-life events. 
Jessica Lange was Oscar-nominated for her performance as the Attorney, powerfully supported by Armin Mueller-Stahl (from SHINE).


Members - $ 10.00
Non-Members - $ 12.50



Recent Events

Sunday 24 June  2018

Almost 40 people attended the showing of Crossing Delancey with our Boomers' Film Group on Sunday.  

All those present agreed that the film, ably introduced by Leo Goorevich, was joyful and the kind of film we should show from time to time.  

Discussion continued for some time over light refreshments organised by Susan Levy.  Gwen Harrison, NSTE President, drew the lucky door prizes, the first of which, a can of pickled cucumbers (to honour the movie) was won by Barbara Woolf and the second, the DVD of crossing Delancey, was won by Meira Marks. 
Be sure to keep the date free for our next film afternoon on 26 August at 4:00 pm! 


Sunday 25 February 2018

We had a fabulous afternoon on Sunday 25 February, will 44 people attending despite the rain. Everyone was very interested in the movie and the talk afterwards by Eran Weiner who gave a historical perspective of the people who came from overseas to volunteer during the War of Independence. We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

Sunday 10 December 2017

The Boomers Film Group had a very successful film afternoon on Sunday 10 December with more than 30 people attending to watch the movie Walk on Water followed by a lively discussion led by Netzer and Communal Shaliach, Dudu Gottlib.  The film was both entertaining and thought provoking and it was agreed that Dudu's input enhanced the experience for all of us, as evidenced by the continuing discussion over refreshments.