Book Club

The Boomers & Beyond Book Club meets on the second Wednesday each month in the Valerie Jaye Hall, from 10.30am-12.30pm.

Every month, someone chooses a book for the group to read and writes a short review. Everyone then reads the book and come together to discuss their impressions and thoughts, which often leads to some interesting dialogue.

On occasions throughout the year, the group will also invite authors to speak about their latest book.

Please note we are currently full. If interested in joining, please contact Carole on 0412 266 689.

For more information, email Boomers & Beyond 


Event Review - Boomers and Beyond Book Club Event - 10 October 2018

We were honoured to have author Eddy Boas as our guest speaker.  Carole Sandberg welcomed our guest and Helen Bersten gave thanks afterwards.

According to the Red Cross, Eddy's family of four was the only family to survive the concentration camps as a family unit, which is quite miraculous!
Eddy discussed his journey from a child when war broke out, to how they managed to survive during those years - without going into the more horrific details of what happened. However, anything to do with the concentration camps and our fellow Jews who were there, as well we know, was beyond horrific.
Many people who attended were very surprised to learn that the Dutch government is the only one that has never offered an apology to the Jewish people of Holland, despite many requests to very senior government officials over a long period of time. 

Following his presentation, a number of people purchased an autographed copy of his book, "I'm not a victim, I'm a survivor".   

In a true gesture of generosity, Eddy donated all funds from his sales to NSTE.  He had also personally paid for the large banner that could be seen in the shule foyer.

A delicious afternoon tea was served.  Thanks go to all the hard working "girls" in the  Book Club, in particular, Jenny Wolf who went above and beyond to ensure the afternoon tea was perfect.  We're also grateful to the staff at NSTE for their support and hard work.

- Carole Sandberg