Our Clergy

Aseh l’cha rav, u’kneh l’cha chaver,
ve’hevei dan et kol ha’adam l’chaf z’chut

Make for yourself a mentor, acquire for yourself a friend,
and judge every person as meritorious (Pirke Avot 1:6)


The Mishnah describes the “rav” (Rabbi) as a trusted spiritual mentor, who is approachable like a friend, and inspires us to see the good in every person. Our clergy team strives to fulfil this ideal through:

  • Visionary community leadership
  • Stimulating Jewish learning and discussion
  • Skilled pastoral care and sensitive guidance
  • Meaningful and moving life cycle ceremonies
  • Inspiring worship services and relatable sermons
  • Partnership and engagement with the wider community    
  • Welcoming outreach and a “meet people where they are” approach
  • Working toward tikkun olam (repair of the world) and shalom (peace)

Our congregation is very grateful to have two Rabbis on board - Rabbi Nicole Roberts and Rabbi Richard Lampert.

Click the links below to find out more about each of our spiritual leaders:

Rabbi Nicole Roberts (Senior Rabbi) 

Rabbi Richard Lampert (Emeritus)


Welcoming Cantor Ted Labow in January 2018

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Cantor Ted Labow will be joining NSTE as Interim Cantor in January 2018 for a period of 6 months.  

As a member of the NSTE Leadership Team, reporting to Senior Rabbi Nicole Roberts, and in conjunction with Judy Campbell, Musical Director, Cantor Ted will provide cantorial and musical support during Shabbat and holiday services, and other congregational and life cycle events. He will assist with pastoral care and support our education programs, including the Meah Hebrew and Religion School, our B’nei Mitzvah program, programs for teens and young adults, young family programs, adult education, and our Preschool.

Originally a Canadian, Cantor Ted comes to NSTE from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Cantor Ted is an accomplished dramatic baritone singer and musician, singing in several languages including Hebrew, Russian, French, German and Italian, and plays piano, guitar, oud and cello. He is a composer of Jewish music writing for solo voice, choir and instruments. His work experience spans across Toronto, Canada, Singapore, Iowa and New Jersey and includes the many areas in which he will be engaged at NSTE.  Cantor Ted is also an accomplished Hebrew Calligrapher and Designer, making fine hand-painted Ketubot and Judaic artwork.

On behalf of Rabbi Nicole and the Board of Directors, please join me in welcoming Cantor Ted to our NSTE community.  

Mark Ginsburg