Mitzvah Day 2017

Many thanks to all those who donated gifts, toiletries, clothes or other items, or who came along on Mitzvah Day on Sunday 19 November to help wrap the gifts and sort the clothes.  The generosity expressed through the donations and the time spent on Mitzvah Day was wonderful.
Participants on Mitzvah Day included NSTE members, Netzer leaders, Meah teachers, Meah students and members of the wider community.  Prior to Mitzvah Day the Meah students had written cards to accompany the gifts and many proudly brought in a gift that they had chosen for a child to enjoy.
There was much chatter, laughter and sharing of the joy of community around the gift wrapping, bracelet-making and clothes sorting tables.
Sue from Mummies Paying it Forward came to NSTE on Sunday and told us about their 18 partner charities and how much they would appreciate our donations.  On Facebook on Sunday night, Mummies Paying it Forward put up a post saying “Big thanks to all the volunteers and donors from NSTE...(We) were honoured to be the recipient of such generosity and a clear display of community spirit and compassion”.
There were two other Mitzvah Day projects on Sunday organised by NSTE’s Jews for Social Action (JSA).  The Scotts Creek Creekcare group had an end of year event working on the removal of fishbone fern at a spectacular location on the shore of Middle Harbour at Castle Cove, where Scotts Creek flows into the harbour.   With support from NSTE and CatholicCare, we also hosted an end of year picnic for tutors, students and their families involved in our Indigenous Literacy Support Program.  
Mitzvah Day in 2018 will be on Sunday 18 November 2018 and we look forward to making it happen again at NSTE.

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