Apples & Honey Pre-School

Our Apples and Honey Pre-school, led by Interim Director, Ali Galvin, relies on the broader local community for enrolments, as well as Jewish children from our community. Engaging with a wider demographic is reaping rewards and creating a vibrant multicultural experience for the children, along with solid Jewish foundations.

The teaching team is composed of experienced and wonderful educators working hard with our Rabbis to intergrate a meaningful and appropiate Jewish program. The number of Jewish children has increased over the past year, and we continue to build our reputation as a state-of-the-art pre-school with the desire to attract even more Jewish children.

The pre-school management, led by Ali Galvin, has formed a task force to develop the school's stategic plan for the next three years. The focus will be the continued development of our staff and strengthening of our Jewish program. Our vision is that the Apples and Honey Pre-School will be one of the most desirable pre-schools on the North Shore.

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