Cantor Ted Labow - Interim Cantor

In January 2018 we welcomed Cantor Ted Lebow to NSTE.

As a member of the NSTE Leadership Team, reporting to Senior Rabbi Nicole Roberts, and in conjunction with Judy Campbell, Musical Director, Cantor Ted provides cantorial and musical support during Shabbat and holiday services, and other congregational and life cycle events. He also assists with pastoral care and supports our education programs, including the Meah Hebrew and Religion School, our B’nei Mitzvah program, programs for teens and young adults, young family programs, adult education, and our Pre-School.

Originally a Canadian, Cantor Ted comes to NSTE from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Cantor Ted is an accomplished dramatic baritone singer and musician, singing in several languages including Hebrew, Russian, French, German and Italian, and plays piano, guitar, oud and cello. He is a composer of Jewish music writing for solo voice, choir and instruments. His work experience spans across Toronto, Canada, Singapore, Iowa and New Jersey and includes the many areas in which he will be engaged at NSTE.  Cantor Ted is also an accomplished Hebrew Calligrapher and Designer, making fine hand-painted Ketubot and Judaic artwork.

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