Apples and Honey Preschool makes the front page!

Mazel tov to the Apple and Honey Preschool for featuring on the front page of this week's North Shore Times!

Read the story here

Tony Abo's Ner Tamid Award - Speech

On Friday 5 February 2016, Tony Abo was presented his Ner Tamid award from UPJ. In case you were unavailable on the evening, here is Tony's speech:

February and March 2016 Calendar

Want to know what's on at NSTE in February and March 2016?

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Get involved at NSTE

Want to be involved at NSTE? Here are just some of the ways!

What is a Parallel Shabbat?

Join us for our upcoming Parallel Shabbat - a new style of monthly shabbat morning service

On 13 February, NSTE will hold another Parallel Shabbat (formerly known as Synaplex Shabbat), in which you'll be able to choose from a variety of opportunities for spiritual, educational, and communal enrichment, including:

  • A Masorti Service (Conservative)
  • A "Kaleidoscope" Contemplative Service (Progressive)
  • Lunch-and-Learn

Community Wellbeing Volunteer Briefing

A Community Wellbeing volunteer briefing was held at VJ's on Monday 18 January 2016 from 12 until about 2pm. The briefing was an important step in activating the Care Corps/Care Net programs spearheaded by Rabbi Nicole Roberts.

The attendees included about 10 volunteers wishing to join the Care Corps/Care Net. Rabbi Gary Robuck, Gwen Harrison (Member of the NSTE Board) and Maddy Taylor (Office Administrator/Assistant Accountant at NSTE Office) were present in support. Councillor Judith Rutherford AM of Willoughby Council , Sam Zwarentstein Director of Communal Engagement for Emanuel Synagogue and Diana Laufer, member of the Board of Management of North Shore Synagogue attended as observers. Five other volunteers expressed interest but were not able to attend. We are planning a second briefing to bring them up to speed. 

Guest Speaker for 13 Feb Parallel Service - Rabbi David Kopstein

David was ordained in 1978 and served as a pulpit rabbi for thirty years in northern California, New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong before retiring to Hawaii in 2008. Although he never did become an astronaut, he has clocked enough air miles to make it to the moon and backtwice.

Descending from a long line of rabbis dating back to eleventh century Spain, David is the proud grandfather of ten grandchildren with another on the way. Saba, as David is known to his grandchildren, loves to hike, ski, swim and sail and is an avid senior softball player.

 He is the author of the newly published fictional memoir, The Rabbi Who Knew Too Much.

Guest speaker for the Progressive Trust: Daniel Chinn (Israel)

Shabbat morning at NSTE: 27 February 2016

Daniel is currently the Chairperson of Kehilat Kol Haneshama, a large Reform community in Jerusalem. This is his second term, having served as Chairperson of the community 20 years ago.

In the past, Daniel has been very involved in both the World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ) and the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism (IMPJ). In the IMPJ, Daniel has served on a number of committees and also spent four years on the IMPJ National Board.

At the same time, Daniel served as Chairperson of the Board of the IMPJ Mechina (pre-Army study program) in Jaffa, where he oversaw the change in the Director. In 2014, Daniel was one of the Co-Chairs of the IMPJ Conference.

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