Anzac Shabbat 29 April 2016 - Peter Allen

Anzac Shabbat 29 April 2016

by Peter Allen

National Coordinator Centenary of Anzac Jewish Program

Board Member NAJEX


Dear Rabbi Nicole, ladies and gentlemen,

Thank you for again giving me the privilege of delivering the Anzac Service address at NSTE - I think this is now my 4th year in a row! I hope you're not tiring of me. .... but that leads me to my themes for tonight: .... that number 4; the frequently annual link between Pesach and Anzac Day, and: how, every year, I discover more, profound aspects to both stories.

AGM 2016



This year’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 9 May 2016 at 6:30pm at North Shore Temple Emanuel, 28 Chatswood Avenue, Chatswood NSW 2067, in the VJ Hall.

Our guest speaker will be Stephen Chipkin, President of JCA. 

Rabbi Nicole's Sermon - Apology and Pesach 5776

By Rabbi Nicole Roberts - Pesach morning 5776 / 2016


When I first got to Australia, I was so taken with “the Apology.”  The idea that a nation would say “sorry” for something and acknowledge wrongdoing so publicly – this was astounding to me.  I couldn’t imagine my own country, which is always so insufferably proud of itself making such a statement.  It takes a special people to be able to do this – a self-reflective people, with a collective conscience.  I know it’s not a perfect national apology, and it didn’t come easily – that not every individual citizen was on board with it, and that other individuals feel that saying “sorry” doesn’t go nearly far enough.  But still, to apologize to a people who still lives amongst you and has great needs – social, educational, and financial – this is a bold step, and I admire you for it. 

At the same time, I wonder how the logical follow up question will be resolved:  Will the country stop at feeling sorry, and expressing remorse, or will it do something to repair the damage?  Should the present generation bear the burdens of a previous generation’s actions?  Is a “collective conscience” the same as a collective sense of duty?  Translating the stirrings of our soul to the work of our hands isn’t always straightforward, so naturally any conversation around reparations will be a difficult one, if it isn’t already.

Hatikvah Post - April 2016


You enjoyed the first edition of Hatikvah Post in August 2015 - and we are proud to announce that the April 2016 is now available for viewing online!

Read the online version

A hard copy publication will be heading your way shortly.



Kesher La'Noar's Pizza Pursuit!

Our next event is on Sunday 15 May. Book now!


3rd Annual Mums' Retreat

Join us again at Wisemans Ferry, either overnight or Sunday-only, the weekend of 20 - 21 August 2016.

Aimed at Mums of kids up to 13 years old, this is the perfect opportunity to "nurture yourself, for a change!"

Whether you choose to come along on the Saturday evening or just pop up on the Sunday morning - we'd love to see you there!


Israeli Celebration Shabbat Dinner - 13 May 2016


The delicious fish meal will once again be prepared by the Kitchen Krew.

Bookings are essential and can be made via the link below until 12pm on Wednesday 11 May.



Debbie Scholem's Drash - Parsha T'tzaveh Exodus 27:20-30

This week's parsha deals mostly with the special clothing to be worn by Aaron and his sons. More than half of it deals with the detailed descriptions of priestly attire. It's been said that “the breast plate hanging from the front of the tunic could represent the breast plate of decision” - which I take to mean that Aaron and his offspring were committed to being Priests and all that would go with that. I recently experienced just how important special clothes are for certain occasions. I went across the city to pick up the bridesmaid's dresses for my youngest daughter Amalia's wedding next month. Last year, she and I went on a road trip from North Ryde to Cabramatta to get a stunning wedding dress. Obviously dressing up for special occasions means you're honouring that event.

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