May and June 2015 Calendar

Want to know what's on at NSTE in May and June 2015? Get out your diaries and check out our fantastic activities, events and programs!

Senior Citizens Community Concert 2015 - 31 May 2015 at 1:15pm

Where can you go these days to enjoy a FREE concert and afternoon tea?

Well, on Sunday 31 May, North Shore Temple Emanuel Community Support Group proudly presents our Annual Variety Concert for Seniors!

Tots' Shavuot Celebration - 24 May 2015

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Yes kids,it's almost Shavuot and it's a great time to be a tot at NSTE. You're invited to join us on Sunday 24 May at 10:45am for a Torah parade, songs and story, ice cream party, learning about mitzvot and more.

If you're coming along, please RSVP to Rabbi Nicole on 

What's happening for Shavuot?

Join us for a Shavuot weekend that is sure to tantalise the tastebuds for everyone with a sweet tooth!

Saturday 23 May - From 8pm - Join us for Havdalah, Festival evening service, Tikkun Leil Shavuot - 'Study & Workshop on Creating Your Own Jewish Ethical Will', plus cheesecake and blintzes!
Sunday 24 May 
10am - Festival morning service
10:45am - Tots' Shavuot Celebration Chocolate and ice cream kiddush 

Mazel tov to Alix Toynton - Published Cookbook Author

By Leanne Shelton

NSTE Member, Alix Toynton, has recently published her first cookbook; The Shrinking Hubby’s Cookbook: Healthy Food We Love to Eat, which is the result of her labour of love to help her husband, Andrew, lose weight. The book offers clean, healthy and delicious recipes, and it satisfies Alix’s followers who rely on her tasty healthy recipes to stay on track with their eating habits. 

Leanne Shelton, interviewed Alix about her amazing achievement.

Toda Raba to our 2015 Donors

We’d like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who has made a donation to NSTE - big or small - in 2015 so far. With your support, we are able to continously grow and improve on the programs, services and events we provide to our members and their guests.
If you’d like to make a donation to help secure a bright future for our congregation, please contact the NSTE office on 9419 7011 or 
If you have made a donation this year, but your name isn't appearing in the list below, please contact the NSTE office as well.

Two-Minute Torah at NSTE

By Rabbi Gary Robuck

Early each Shabbat morning during the preliminary service, Rabbi Robuck delivers a short shiur (lesson) based upon the rabbinic work, Mishnah Berurah by Rabbeinu Yisrael Meir Ha-Cohen (The Chofetz Chayim). The MB is an insightful commentary on the mid 16th century work, The Shulchan Aruch by Joseph Karo and the Mappah (a gloss on the Shulchan Aruch for Ashkenazim). 

Come Dine with Me - Yom Yerushalayim Evening - 17 May 2015

By Jocelyn Robuck
Several years ago, the women of North Shore Temple Emanuel (NSTE) initiated Come Dine With Me, a regular gathering to bring together NSTE women for food, fun, learning and discussion. Previous events have featured dinners hosted by members, with menus featuring their families' treasured recipes, crafting beautifully decorated candles for use during the High Holy Days, tzedakah projects and support for NSTE communal events.
The most recent event, organised by NSTE Rebbetzin Jocelyn Robuck and held on 17 May, was in celebration of Yom Yerushalayim, which commemorates the anniversary of the liberation and unification of Jerusalem that occurred during the 1967 Six-Day War. Participants watched an inspiring video message from Anat Hoffman, Executive Director of the Israel Religious Action Centre and founder of the Women of the Wall, in which she described her work of the past 26 years in achieving religious equality for women in Israel. 

The Krug’s model railway - A must-see experience

By Leanne Shelton - NSTE Marketing & Communications Manager

Being a lifelong fan of Canberra’s famous landmark attraction, Cockington Green Gardens, I was very enthusiastic to check out Ella and Henry Krug’s model railway that they have constructed over the past 45 years. 
Let’s just say I was more than impressed. What they have created within the garage of their family home is absolutely remarkable. Reflecting a Switzerland-inspired city, there is so much more to see than just trains; snow-capped mountains (meticulously sculpted by Ella with chicken wire and cloth dipped in plaster), villages, an amusement park, farm, zoo, and even a Synagogue! One could spend countless hours looking at the intricate detail and personalities of the fingernail-sized people and animals who roam the city. “Everything has got a little story,” says Ella.

Support Nepal

With the recent devastating earthquake in Nepal, numerous charities across the world jumped on board to support the emergency call for relief.

We've compiled a list of just some of the Jewish charities doing their part that you may wish to donate to.

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