Building our Future

It is with great sadness that we mark the passing of Dr Frank Wolf OAM (z'l) on 18 April 2018, only one day after the official launch of our Capital Appeal.   

As Key Patron of Building Our Future,  our Board of Directors acknowledges his unwavering support for North Shore Temple Emanuel, the Jewish Progressive Movement and the wider Jewish Community.

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The 2018 Capital Appeal will enable us to undertake a long-overdue renovation of the Max Joseph Building and lay the foundation for future generations.  After years of planning, the dawn of our new world-class campus is finally at hand.  Please consider taking part in Building Our Future.

We asked NSTE members what the campus upgrade means to them:

"The Max Joseph Building Renovation project is critical for North Shore Temple Emanuel as it provides a platform for future growth, financial stability, member engagement and Progressive Jewish continuity on the North Shore.  I am thrilled to support this imperative initiative." [Member for 14 years] 

"I am very excited about this project, which will provide a contemporary gathering place for our community, including for worship, friendship, celebration and activities for our young people, as well as for the Apples and Honey Pre-School.  Importantly, it will also offer a contemporary work environment for our staff, who do so much for us all and are so important in ensuring the sustainable future of our community." [Member for 23 years] 

"I am thrilled to play a part in reinvigorating our campus so that it can be enjoyed by all the different groups that make up our NSTE family.  We're doing our part to ensure that the legacy we've inherited is thriving for the next generation." [Member for 4 years] 

"I think this is a vital project. Not only does it provide much-needed accomodation for our hard-working rabbi and staff, it paves the way to underpin our financial situation with ongoing and reliable sources of significant income."  [Member for 39 years] 

"NSTE is an inspiring synagogue community, providing  a multitude of activities for all age groups; not forgetting the care of the  sick and needy, social justice and the care of the environment , with a small dedicated staff and volunteers working in a very limited space. As the only Synagogue growing in this area, we need space to house our many new members and activities." [Member for 10 years]

"NSTE is fortunate to benefit today from the vision and commitment of those who came before us, who built both our community and campus from scratch. This initiative provides us an exciting opportunity to stand on their shoulders as we build our community’s future."  [Member for 11 years]

"Future-oriented and long-overdue, it will improve access and accommodation for all our community, from the youngest and to our seniors: Pre-School, Netzer and offices for spiritual leaders and office staff, as well as proper and legally-mandated lift accessibility to the first floor of our shul building." [Member for 34 years]

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